Les Fresques • Eva Bublova • orgue

The CD Les Fresques is a live recording made on the unique Voit organ in Prague’s Smetana Hall and on the organ of the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul in Vyšehrad. The recording features works by French and Czech composers. Klement Slavický’s cycle Cantus sacri is heard here in its world premiere recording, while Frescoes is recorded here for only the second time in an audio format, and for the first time on CD. Making a guest appearance in the important vocal part is the mezzo-soprano Karolina Berkova.

  1. Bedrich Antonin Wiedermann: Toccata and Fugue in F Minor
  2. Bedrich Antonin Wiedermann: Let me go there from Sacred Songs for mezzo-soprano and organ
  3. César Franck: Fantaisie en la
    Klement Slavicky: Cantus sacri
  4. I. Domine, convertere
  5. II. Intellige clamorem
  6. III. Deus meus
  7. IV. Exaudi Domine
    Klement Slavicky: Frescoes
  8. I. Largo misterioso
  9. II. Molto tranquillo
  10. III. Allegro impetuoso
  11. Charles-Marie Widor: Andante sostenuto (Symphonie gothique)

Eva Bublova, organ (1–11)
Karolina Berkova, mezzo-soprano (2, 4–7)
Released by ArcoDiva in 2005.

You can order a CD by telephone (+420 605 063 912) or e–mail (evabublova@hotmail.com).

The price per CD is CZK 300 including postage (COD).

Link to a review of the CD in the magazine Harmonie (in Czech).